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great photos, look like they are very therapeutic too.
Dr Siddique


Great shots, I used to live in shoeburyness, blocks from the beach and spent lots of time in wakering. you captured the mornings. I have lived in Canada since 1969 and had forgotten how wonderful the shoeburyness sky was. Thanks.
jacqui austin


Hi Simon. Don't know if you remember me-we met at Gunners park today. Lovely photography-did you manage to see the heron? You certainly should enter for the Countyfile calendar next year. Tara


Just seen some of your photos on the dining room walls in Longmead B&B in Lynton. Best photos I have seen in ages.
Well Done!

Tenerife Gallery

Lovely lighting and composition on these, and always heartening to come across someone managing to actively pursue a much-loved interest.


I've had a look round the site btw, and I really like your work :)
Mr. Gessoo

Pretentious claptrap

Some good photo's here mate. We should have a beer soon. cheers Kev
kev Brown

Wildlife habitats

What a superb collection of photographs of wildlife habitats. Your attention to detail and the ability to see what others have missed amazes me. I can't wait to see what else you do over the years.
Benson Crook

Isle of Man photos

Stunning interpretation of landscape, light and mood. These photos reward the time and effort you put into their composition - they are beautifully evocative of the glorious scenery of the Isle of Man.
Caroline Bull

Impressive Selection

I worked with several guys whom considered themselves photographers but none of their Photos compare
Julian Myrie

photographs/ shoebury-friars park

Peter Scott