....just a guy, with a camera, and a wanderlust.

Firstly, I must thank you for visiting my website and secondly, may I introduce myself. My name is Simon Horton and I live in North Shoebury, South-East Essex. Having worked as a computer programmer since college, the collapse of the UK IT market that began in 2001 as most of the work was 'off-shored', gave me the chance to work on my photography. Prior to that, I had travelled (this self-portrait was taken near Yosemite Point in Yosemite National Park) but took what I guess were essentially "record" shots of my hikes. Being self-taught, I would read photographic books (including my camera's manual) often, and I'm ashamed to admit, on the outbound flight to who knows where.

Then in 1997, while travelling alone in the American Rockies I was deeply moved by the power of the wilderness and knew this was where I had to be spiritually if not physically, and since then, my highest moments by far have been when alone and surrounded by nature – to me, nothing else compares.

Late in 2002, I started work on the BFP Freelance Photography Course (designed to train potential freelance photographers in the art of selling his or her work). This inspired me to work on my technique. Little work meant virtually no money so I had to experiment locally and it was refreshing to see the area around my home with new eyes. Starting in January 2003, many a fine, cold morning would see me greeting the dawn - the Essex Gallery being the result (I was first published with work from this gallery in 2005).

Influenced greatly by the photographer I consider to be the ‘Hendrix’ of landscape work, Galen Rowell, I have since studied many of his books - I appreciate his spiritual and philosophical approach which I believe creates work beyond technique.

Equipment Used
Date  Camera  Lens  Filters  Medium
to 2001  Canon EOS 500  Sigma 28 to 200  Polarizer  Fujichrome Print
2002 to 2007  Canon EOS 30  Sigma 28 to 300 then Sigma 17-35 in 2007  Cokin polarizer, grads, warm-ups  Slide: Fujichrome Sensia then Velvia 50 and 100
2008 to 2012  Canon EOS 5D  Sigma 17-35 and Canon 100-400  Cokin polarizer, grads  Sensor
2013 to the present  Canon EOS 5D mk iii  Sigma 17-35 and Canon 100-400  Cokin polarizer, Lee grads  Sensor

Plus: Velbon Sherpa Tripod, Canon 430EXII Speedlight Flashgun and Adobe Lightroom *

* I consider Adobe Lightroom part of my equipment as post-production software allows the faintest shadow and highlight details captured within a good digital file to be processed to display excellent tones across the entire image. This is something I am aware of and always attempt to employ when capturing images ‘in the field’.

Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy my work.