Site Info

  • This will automatically and continuously display all images that were taken in landscape (horizontal) format.
  • Hovering over the slideshow window will pause the slideshow, moving away will resume whilst clicking on the image will take you to the gallery containing the image.
  • Clicking the left slideshow arrow (visible when hovering over the slideshow window) will rewind the slideshow one image per click and the right arrow, the same but advance.
  • Note that with some browsers, the left and right arrow keys will perform the same function as arrow icon clicking so the mouse need not be used for that (if available, this function can be activated/reactivated by clicking on Home again).

  • Image categories available as a screen in its own right or accessible via a drop-down.
  • The latest work gallery contains my most recently taken images in one gallery (subdivided if I've been away from home, if not, just Essex). As the images age, they will be moved to their respectively appropriate gallery (newest images first) so if for example you need to see a particular image of the Essex Coastline that was in Latest Work and has vanished, look in Coast within the Essex Gallery.
  • Click on the right arrow near the top right of the carousel to display the next group of images in the gallery, left arrow for the previous group.
  • Click on an image thumbnail to enlarge and display the image information.
  • Click on the 'x' top right to close the pop-up window or the next/prev icons to advance/retreat through the enlarged images.
  • Note that some browsers allow the left and right arrow keys to be used for navigation.

  • When the website was most recently updated and with what.

  • Please feel free to contact me (a contact form also appears in the guestbook) about anything relating to this site and photography in general. Correspondence is not automatically added to this site and will only be include if the sender wishes.

I hope these notes have been of value.